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About Cal Hal.

Cal Hal

As a boy, Calvin Howell left his native Oregon and headed south to Texas where his music career would begin. One of San Antonio’s “Top Hip Hop Artists”, Greg G, inspired Calvin’s passion and desire to create hip hop and rap. Cal Hal’s music career launched when he co-founded the rap group ‘Young Risers’ with Adrian “AY” Yancelson. They went on to release the single Ready to Party, followed by their debut album, Mission: Success.

Cal Hal returned to the Northwest to attend Linfield College where he released the much-anticipated solo mix tape, Oregonized Volume I, presented by his childhood friends Mario Gaddini, Major Oni and his older brother Zay Oni. These three were very influential in Cal’s success as they produced almost all of his instrumentals. A year later, Cal Hal’s second mix tape was released with the help of Mario and Zay. This project, Oregonized Volume II, was engineered back in San Antonio by Micah Hartsock and included the tracks Near to You, Bread In Cake Out Part 2, and I’m a Linfield Wildcat.

Cal Hal has since created music videos for Bread In Cake Out Part 2 and I’m a Linfield Wildcat by partnering with Nic Miles. Cal’s most recent work can be seen in his new music video for his song Ridin’ All Alone that was filmed and produced by fellow Linfield student Mic Cooney.

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